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Attribute Crystals

Attribute Crystals Guide
About Attribute Crystals (info from Ptitlaby @ elliebelly)

Attribute Crystals are like an An Attribute Stone. Applied on a weapon (resp. Armor) , you could increase Attribute Attack (resp. Defense)
The main difference is the max attribute you can bestow on weapon/armor.

With a Holy Stone you could up a weapon to 150 Attribute, and an armor piece to 60 Attribute.

With a Holy Crystal you could up a weapon to 300 Attribute, and an armor piece to 120 Attribute.

Each Stone / Crystal could increase the Attribute on a weapon by 5 and on an armor by 6. Both could fail, and they have a different succes rate (about 50% for stones, and 30% for crystals). If the Crystal/Stone you put on an item fails, the weapon will stay like it was before you tried.
Each Attribute Stone or Crystal will increase by 6 the element on a weapon, or 6 on armor.

There are three ways to get an Attribute Crystal. You cound craft them dropm them or get them from a quest.

Crafting Attribute Crystals

Recipes to craft Attribute Crystals are buy-able at Officer Tolonis at Keucereus Base (Gracia Continent). There is one recipe per element, and all elements have the same cost :200 Extracted Red Starstones 

and 600.000 Adena

(I'll explain later how you get Extracted Red Starstones)

Recipe could be learned by all classes as Common Craft. Once you learned the recipe, you'll see that you need 20 Energy Compression Stone (ECS)

20 Energy Compression Stones (ECS)are needed to craft one crystal

There are 3 ways to get these ECS

    1/ You could buy them
    2/ You could farm them inside the Seed of Destruction,the Seed of Infinity or the Seed of Annihilation
    3/ You could farm them via the Aerial Kleft

Farming  in Seed of Destruction

To my opinion, it's one of the best way to get some Energy Compression Stone because it's fast and easy.
The Seed of Destruction is an instance where 2-5 parties could enter to defeat Tiat, The Witch of Darkness. When Tiat is defeated for the 10th time, the Seed of Destruction will be open to everyone for 12 hours. You just have to go to the Seed of Destruction Landing Area and speak to the Officer and say "Enter the Seed"
Seed of Destruction Plan. The "Enter" is the lower rectangular room

During these 12 hours, you will see "Seed Energy" inside the Seed. They have their Element type in the name (for exemple Seed Energy - Fire) and they appears totally randomly. 

Seed energy - Water
To collect the Energy Compression Stone, you should use an Collection Agathion. After equipping the Agathion Collection Bracelet, you will get 3 skills :

    Collection Agathion Release Seal : This skill allow you to summon the Collection Agathion

    Agathion Collection : This skill could be used only on an Energy Seed, when the Agathion is summoned. It is this skill who will gives the Energy Compression Stones.
    Dismiss Agathion : Unsummon the Agathion. If you desequipp the Bracelet, the same effect will happen.

First you have to summon the Agathion, then target the Seed Energy and use the Agathion Skill to collect the Energy from the Seed Energy. You will get between 0 or 2 Energy Compression Stone per Seed Energy.

Collection Agathion
The best way to farm is to wait in a room. Generally there are a lot of people in the Seed, and you risk to loose your "spot" if you run everywhere. Wait at one spot, and be the fastest to rush on the Seed Energy when it pops !
Energy Seed will not spawn everywhere. You'll never see them in the central round room, in corridors, in the spawn room, at the Fortress and in the Throne room.
Each rooms will spawn three elements. I means in one room, you will see for exemple Fire/holy/Dark , in one other room you'll easily see Wind, Earth and Water element, but I don't know which room give which element.
Don't forget that the whole Seed of Destruction Area is not a safe zone !

Farming in the Seed of Infinity

As far as I know, the Seed of Infinity is the place where you could get the more ECS, because the Seed stays "farm-able" a long time.
Seed of Infinity is an area with three different instances : The Hall of Suffering (where you meet Yehan Klodekus and Yehan Klanikus) , the Hall of Erosion (where you meet Cohemenes) and the Heart of Infinity (the area where you could find Ekimus).
After raiding several times inside the Hall of Suffering and the Hall of Erosion, it'll be possible to attack directly Ekimus in the Heart of Infinity. When Ekimus has been killed 5 times (it's an instance too) the Seed switch to Defense Mode for 24h and it's possible to farm.

To enter inside the Seed of Infinity, you just have to find the Gatekeeper of Abyss and say "Whistand the gaze" and then "Enter the Seed". Then you will be randomly teleported in one of 4 places.

The Gatekeeper of Abyss

You could be ported in the Hall of Suffering, where all ECS spawn at a very good rate.
You may find some Raid Bosses in the Hall of Suffering, but the respawn of ECS is really amazing here.

You could be ported in the Hall of Erosion, where only Fire/Water/Wind/Earth ECS will spawn

Like the Heart of Infinity, All rooms inside the Hall of Erosion are linked by a central corridor.

You could be ported in the Heart of Infinity, where only Divinity and Darkness ECS will spawn

In the Heart of Infinity, all rooms are huge, with only one corridor doing a circle.

You could be ported next to Ekimus Statue, where there is nothing.

Only a platform, where you could see Ekimus regenerating.

If you are in an instance you don't like, you could leave it easily. Speak to the Stabilized Seed of Generation and you will be ported to Seed of Infinity landing zone. You just have to enter again. If you delog/relog, or use a SoE you will be moved next to the Gatekeeper of Abyss.
The Energy Seeds will spawn only near a Stabilized Seed of Generation. You will never see some ECS spawning in corridors and hallways.

The farming method is the same as Seed of Destruction. Like SoD, SoI is NOT a safe zone. And the funny thing is that there is one or two Raid Boss who are aggro in the Hall of Suffering instance (Awakened Ancient Prophet and Awakened Ancient Executor oftenly) so you have to be carefull, there is always somebody to pull the Raid Boss next to you to get your room, or get the RaidBoss one.

After 24 hours, the Seed of Infinity switchs to "Defense - Stage 1" . During this phase, you could only farm inside the Heart of Infinity where some raidboss will spawn more and more (the first to spawn are the Awakened Ancient Soul Extractor/Devorer) and of course, those raid boss are aggro, even if you use Dance of Shadow, Stealth or Silent Move. Only a skill like Hide could help you not to aggro them when they are near you. You could get only Sacred and Dark Energy Compression Stone so.

After some time again, the Seed of Infinity will be in stage 2, and Ekimus will soon respawn. More and more mobs will spawns, it'll be nearly impossible to farm in peace you have to fight constantly while farming. Then, the Seed is closed and you should re open it.
(I should admit I miss some informations about the Stage 2 and the following phases, if you have any feel free to pm me.)

Farming in the Seed of Annihilation
The Seed of Annihilation (SoA) is a new Seed implanted at Freya. Unlike the Seed of Infinity and the Seed of Destruction, the whole Seed is NOT instancied. You could farm here Energy Compression Stones at anytime, anywhere and while hunting. Imagine an open Area, like Valley of Saint. You got it ? Ok put the Monsters all socials, aggro and Level 85. Done ? Ok. Now Add a bunch of Energy Compression Stones spawned. Here is Seed of Annihilation, except it's not like Valley of Saint ^_^.

As I said, you will have to fight monsters while gathering some Energy Compression Stones. They will see you through Silent Move, they will hit you very hard, you will prolly need a party to get here. Something important I didn't say before : It's only possible to enter in the Seed if the class you are playing is level 80 or higher. 

They are three area in the Seed of Annihilation:

The Reptile Compound is the hardest place in the Seed of Annihilation. It's here you will find the most monsters, and the most Energy Seed too. I strongly advice not to come solo. This place is easily recognizable because it's always raining inside
The Beast Compound is the place where you will find the most Energy Seed after the Reptile Compound. In this area, monsters are very thick on the ground, and because they are all socials it means a high probability of being attacked by many of them at the same time.
The Cockerel Compound is the easiest compound because mobs are not a lot, there are not so gathered but there is less Energy Seed to farm here

Even if there are mobs inside the Seed, the process of farming is similar to the one you would use in SoD/SoI. You have to use an agathion to Farm ECS, nothing new here.

About the Aerial Cleft

I don't have serious information about how it works.
The Aerial Cleft is a area which is "open" when the Seed of Destruction (or the Seed of Infinity) is open too.

2 Teams will fight , and at the end each team will get some Emery Piece

(the Winning Team will have more items). They could use these Piece to craft Attribute Crystal, plus a lot of Green/Red/Blue Extracted Starstones with the Emery Compressor.

But because you need more people and it is longer than farming the Seed of Destruction to get Crystal and because Aerial PvP sucks, I never tried the Cleft by myself.

Getting Attribute Crystals from a quest 

  • Fire Crystals
At level 82, you could do the Quest "Threat Removal" at the Power Combat Training Field to get some Fire Crystals. As prerequisite, you should do the quest "No Secrets", which starts at Pinaps too, before.

This quest starts at NPC Pinaps. Guard Pinaps will ask you to kill any Sel Mahum to get some Sel Mahum ID Tag.

Sel Mahum Chef
When you have 400 Sel Mahum ID Tags, go back to Pinaps. He will give you a random item from this list :

    1 EWS 1-3 EAS 1-2 Fire Crystal

This quest is infinitely repeatable.

  • Water Crystals
At level 82, you could do the Quest "Home Security" at Beast Farm to get some Water Crystals.

This quest starts at NPC Tunatun. Tunatan will ask you to kill the Farm RavagerFarm Bandit and Beast Devourer in Beast Farm in order to get some Sel Mahum Mane.

Beast Devourer
When you have 300 Sel Mahum Mane, go back to Tunatan. He will award you with a random item which could be:
    1 EWS 1-10 EAS 1-2 Water Crystal

This quest is infinitely repeatable.

  • Holy Crystals
At level 82, you could do the quest "Handle with Care" at the Plains of the Lizardmen to get some Divine Crysals. As prerequisite, you should do the quest "Take your Best Shot", which starts at NPC Johnny to get a Seer Ugoros Pass.

This quest start at NPC Ankuni. This little dwarf will ask you to kill Seer Ugoros. During the Raid, Ugoros east or does not eat some Grass , and depending of that you will get either a Highest Grade Lizard Scale or a Middle Grade Lizard Scale.

Seer Ugoros

    From a Highest Scale, you could get one Divine Crystal and may be 2 or 3 EAS
    From a Middle Scale, you could get one EAS
This quest is infinitely repeatable too.

  • Others Crystals
As far as I know, there is no other quest to get Attribute Crystals.

Getting Attribute Crystals from a monster drop

  • Fire Crystals
    Sel Mahum Drill Sergeant
  • Water Crystals
    Full Grown Kookaburra - Golden Spice Stage 3
    Full Grown Cougar - Golden Spice Stage 3
  • Wind Crystals
    Adult Kookabura - Golden Spice Stage 2
    Adult Cougar - Golden Spice Stage 2
  • Earth Crystals
    Seer Ugoros (Tanta Lizardmen)
    Tanta Lizardman Soldier
    Tanta Lizardman Berserker
    Elite Bgurent
    Elite Brakian
    Elite Groikan
    Elite Turtlelian
    Elite Krajian
    Elite Tardyon
    Elite Kanibi
    Elite Kiriona

  • Holy Crystals
    Guide Solina
    Seeker Solina

  • Dark Crystals
Adult Grendel - Golden Spice Stage 2
Adult Buffalo - Golden Spice Stage 2

Appendix A : How to get Extracted Red Starstones 

During this Guide, I mentionned some times that you need to buy items with some Extracted Red Star Stones and I will know explain how to get them

First of all, you need to be 75. At this level, you could begin the quest A Good Day to Fly to learn a Flying Transformation and the, you need to learn the Collection Skill from the quest Collecting in the Air
After doing these two quest, you should be able to fly and to collect Extracted Starstones

(You could also buy the Flying Book and learn Collection skill for Adena at Tolonis, it's up to you)

After that, you just need to fly to a Red Star Stone, target it and use the skill "Starstone Gathering". you could have 0, 1 or 2 Extracted Red Star Stones per Star Stone

Here is the map where you could see Color of Starstone depending of the area:

Appendix B : How to get a Collection Agathion 

    Collection Agathion
Once again, there are two ways to get the Collection Agathion. You could get a real agathion as reward of the Seed of Infinity Instance . This instance is a party instance for 75+ players. You should kill all Tumor of Death and the Twin Knights to finish the instance. During the instance there is a timer, the reward will be different depending of the time you need to finish it. To get an Agathion Collection, you should first get a Jewel Ornamented Duel Supplies (i.e. finish the instance faster than 20min 59sec) and then, you have 1.6% chance to get a permanent Agathion. The Agathion is not tradable

You could also get a shadow Agathion. Go to Officier Tolonis at Keucereus Base, It'll give you a Shadow Agathion (which last 10 hours) for 50 Extracted Red Starstones 

and 80.000 Adena. The hint is to farm the Red Star Stones, and to mail them with adena to an alt Character to farm in peace inside the Seed of Destruction (without any war and pvp). This summon agathion is not tradable too.

The End! :)