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Territorial Wars

Territory War
Territorial Wars (info from pmfun & elliebelly)
There are 9 territories:

  1. Gludio (STR +1 / INT +1)
  2. Dion (DEX +1 / WIT +1)
  3. Giran (STR +1 / MEN +1)
  4. Oren (CON +1 / MEN +1)
  5. Aden (DEX +1 / MEN +1)
  6. Inadrill (CON +1 / INT +1)
  7. Goddard (DEX +1 / INT +1)
  8. Rune (STR +1 / WIT +1)
  9. Schuttgart (CON +1 / WIT +1)

Attackers' goal - rush into the castle , steal the flag(ward) , "seal" it by using Capture Ward and port back to your castle.Defend both flags(your own and the stolen one) until TW end.
Defenders' goal - don't let attackers break into your castle and steal your flag.Don't let the attackers destroy catapults located inside the affiliated fortresse.If the catapult is destroyed all castle NPCs (guardians) disappear and the castle gates are open.
Participating rules and TW period:
1)You can register through the Mercenary Captain
2)TWs occur 1 day before the castle siege (Saturday-TW->Sunday-Castle Siege);
3)Clan members that are authorised for that action can sign the whole clan for the TW;
4)Only players above level 40 that have completed their 2nd class transfer are allowed to join the TW;
5)TW registration/cancelation period ends 2 hours before the TW begins;
6)Castle owners are automatically registered;
7)Ressurection rules are same as for CS;

Combat,penalties and more:
1)You do not need to hold CTRL button to attack your enemies;
2)You are not allowed to attack allied players(even forceattack won't do the trick);
3)AOE skills do not damage allied units,but neutrals(non affiliated) and enemies BOTH suffer their effects;
4)When you die you may suffer the "Battlefield syndrome"(same as death penalty)
5)You don't suffer exp loss upon death in the siegezone(same does not apply if you leave the battle area);
6)Leaving siege territory marks you nickname purple for 120 seconds (aka you are flagged)
7)If you die you can go to castle,village and/or the outpost(HQ)

Castle lords are able to build headquarters(indestructible) which boost regeneration by 100%,you can "revive" here no matter if you are clan member or merc(aka random ).The outpost costs 120 gems B. You may have only 1 HQ.

Mercenaries(special items):
Mercenaries can keep their anonimity by transforming with the Mercenarie Disguise Scrolls(their names will be changed to "Guardian" for both - character name and system msgs).Your disguise lasts 30 mins.

Hoping that a definitive guide comes out soon, but untill one does, here's what we know. (last updated 5/30/09)
1. Choose a town to sign up for. We signed up for Giran originally since our clan hall is there, but we can choose any castle territory to side with. We may better evaluate who owns the castles and side with the castle owner with the bigger and better army in the future, but I would recommend that everyone in the clan sign up for the same territory (that way we can party together and help each other out). The largest amount of clans and individual people appear to sign for Goddard, and thus this is our current clan recommendation: sign up for Goddard territory siege.
2. The clan leader can sign up so the entire clan takes part or you can sign up individually. The clan leader or individual simply must talk to the Mercenary Captain NPC (next to the manor wagon) in the town associated with the territory.
To sign up:
A. Click on the Mercenary Captain NPC
B. Click on Territory Battle Information
C. Click the button "Merc. Request" if you sign up as an individual or the button "Clan request" if you are a clan leader signing up your entire clan. To avoid politics, our current clan policy is that you sign up individually as mercenaries and use the disguise scroll (described below).
D. The buttons will change to "cancel" if you look in that box again and if you wish to cancel your individual or clan's participation.
E. You may not be allowed to sign up if you are attempting to sign up too early. You will not be allowed to register to participate until a few days prior to the siege.
3. Territory sieges occur every 2 weeks on Saturday, and start at 8PM CST.
Registration closes at 6PM CST.
4. You can gain a quest for the territory sieges from the Mercenary Captain NPC under "Quest". You must get BOTH the quest and register for the territory siege to maximize the benefits of your time. He will give you "Ordinary Mercenary Certificate". To complete the 1st part of the quest you need to:
A. Kill 10 players that are signed up for a different territory (if you are in a party, you do not have to personally kill these other players, any people your party kills will count towards your total kill count).
B. Destroy an enemy catapult (this can be a catapult at any of the forts aligned with a different territory). You do NOT need siege ballista bombs to destroy this; merely hit it until destroyed. We confirmed with raids on 5/30/09, that you just have to be in the command channel to get credit for destroying the catapult. Catapults are NOT located in every single fort on the map, only ones associated with the castle for the territory. (Thus border forts will not have catapults). There is only ONE catapult per regular (non-border) fort.
***You must complete the quest in that order: Get your 10 NPC kills, and then destroy the catapult. It does not appear that you will get credit for the catapult if you destroy it before you have completed getting your 10 siege kills***
C. Return to the Mercenary Captain NPC and you will be given "Elite Mercenary Certificate". This will allow you to buy more things from the Mercenary Captain. The rewards from becoming an elite or top elite mercenary appear minimal. You can still get transformation scrolls like normal, but these scrolls may add more hp/mp/cp compared to normal scrolls. You also get access to buying a CP talisman. It is unclear if being an elite or top elite mercenary means you will get more badges.
D. Make sure you also talk to the Territory Manager next to the Mercenary Captain. I cant remember if he actually gives you a quest before the siege, but make sure you check out all his options, because you will get your territory badges from him at the end of the siege.
E. Once you have completed the Mercenary Captain NPC Quest and obtained the Elite Mercenary Certificate, talk to him again and get the quest for the Top Elite Mercenary Certificate (the next level of trust in a way similar to the Ketra/Varka alliance). To get this next level, your party must have 30 kills on the siege field and destroy 2 catapults.
5. Alternate body forms and disguises. From the Mercenary Captain NPC you can click on "Buy regular mercenary items" which allows you to buy different race transformation scrolls as well as a disguise scroll. Scrolls last the entire duration of the siege; they can be used starting 20mins before the siege and last up to 30mins after the siege.
These scroll buffs do NOT disappear if you die.
A. The race transformations transform you for 30mins into another race. During that time you appear like that race and are given the expected MP/HP that a person your level would have. You are only given 1 lousy skill, a strike/overhit skill and the ability to get rid of the transformation. For all essential purposes I think the race scrolls are a complete waste of money. You can do much better by using your own regular skills. If you are an elite or top elite mercenary, your scrolls you can buy may offer more hp/mp/cp compared to normal, but once again, using your own skills with just a disguise scroll seems better (the disguise scroll u get as an elite or top elite may give you more hp/mp/cp as well).
B. The disguise scroll gets rid of your name and clan tags for the duration of the siege and can be used starting 20mins before the siege and lasts up to 30mins after the siege, but doesnt appear on your buff list. When you use this scroll, in chat and even in party, your name will be "<territory> mercenary" so it will be hard to tell who is talking and who is who. With the disguise scroll, you keep your personal looks and all of your skills. It is also stackable with the race transformation scroll. If you use a disguise scroll, you will not get fame from killing other people, but you will continue to get fame from being on castle/fort siege grounds like normal.
6. As long as you registered for the territory war and are standing on battle grounds, if you die, you will NOT lose any XP. However, we did encounter several players not willing to play by the rules who were more than willing to PK in order to "win" the games.
7. Like regular sieges, regular resurrection skills and scrolls cannot be used on dead players (unless your Clan Leader is wasting time building a Headquarters), so please dont ask for rez's. Granted since there's no XP loss, if you are sieging a castle that is close to town (like Gludio), its just easier to make sure you have noblessed buff and go back to town with each death.
8. Don't go solo, its a sure way to die. Stick with your party. There's power in numbers. Nukers and Archers definitely have the advantage in these sieges.
9. Your goal (different from the Mercenary Captain NPC Quest), is to:
A. Protect your territory's supplies (located inside your territory's castle), -as a member of the defending territory, the castle gates will open up to you. Prevent the enemies from gaining the supplies. (This shows up as a gold quest pin on your map).
B. Protect you territories flag (ward). I believe that these wards (castle flag) are located deep behind the thrown room where you normally cast the spell-skill to take over a castle, but just that's just conjecture. If an enemy captures this flag/ward he has to bring it back to his enemy castle, so you have the entire trip back to the enemy castle to kill that person carrying the flag/ward and bring it back. (your territory's flag/ward will also appear as a shield emblem on your map so you can track where it is).
C. Capture another territorrie's wards/flag. Basically you can go after any castle that doesnt belong to your territory. It also seems that you can get something from the enemy forts too, besides the catapult for the captain's quest, but I cant confirm that. (enemy flags and their locations and the locations of the forts with the catapults etc. also all appear on your map).
D. Why are the territories trying to capture the other territories flags/wards? Because when it's siege time on Sunday, the castles who lost their flags/wards will have less defensive abilities, while the castles who gained wards/flags will have more defensive/offensive abilities and their clannies will gain certain basic attribute skills such as INT/DEX etc. In fact, territory castles can steal flags/wards from each and every other territory.
10. Talk to the Territory Manager after the territory siege. It's the "quest" button, and he will give you the option of getting your reward now or later. Just get it now, dont know of any benefit of saving it for later. You will get back territory badges.
A. From a retrospective analysis of all of our parties/sieges and how many badges each person in each party got, I have determined the factors that lead to a higher badge collection at the end of the siege.
1. More siege kills. This was the number one predicting factor. It is determined by the amount of kills your PARTY makes, not how much the command channel or you individually make. Every 10 kills your party makes seems to increase the amount of badges you get.
2. More time on siege grounds. This was the number two predicting factor. Once again, it was determined by amount of time your PARTY spent on siege grounds. This may be related to the kill-score noted above, but its difficult to separate since if you were on siege grounds you were likely killing people.
3. Accomplishing siege goals. If you were in a PARTY that (1) Attacked a fort, (2) Destroyed a catapult, (3) Attacked a castle, (4) Ported to your territory's castle to defend it, (5) Captured a flag or ward; parties who completed more of these goals tended to get more badges.
4. People in the same party as each other will tend to get the same number of badges, +/- 5 from the median. It is PARTY-dependent, NOT individually- or command-channel-related.
***You only have until a few hours after the territory siege ends to collect your badges; several people have said that they waited until the day after the siege and were unable to collect their badges***
11. If you click on the Mercenary Captain, then territory status, then click on the tab for the status of the region, you can find out how many clans and how many individual merceneries signed up for your territory. The more signed up, the better, because then you have some people to help you out.
12. The Territory Manager offers several goods you can buy with your territory badges plus adena. S-Grade and A-Grade armor, weapons and jewels with special effects are just some of the things you can get. Most people will buy the chests that will open up into pins/pouches and belts. There is a good market for these items, so money can be made. When you use your badges to buy these chests, you will not always get an item, it will sometimes fail. From experience, it appears to be a 33% success rate to open these chests. A very nicely detailed walk-through on these belts/pins/pouches can be found here:
13. If you talk to the territory manager, you can also use your badges to become noblesse (100 badges) you dont even have to have your sub to 75 yet!
You can also get a Strider of any type to ride on for 60 badges.
14. To do well in these territory sieges, I would recommend nukers/archers and a lot more people signed up. Make sure your party/entire command channel is right outside the fort when siege starts so we get the catapult. There is only 1 catapult per fort/territory, so very few people can complete the quest, although by the looks of things, as long as your command channel gets the kill, you all get the quest ompleted. I scouted for forts (not border forts, because they won't have catapults) that were owned by minor/weak clans and recommended choosing them as our targets so we could get into the fort and catapults killed quickly before others beat us to it.
15. We also gained lots of xp and sp at random intervals, not sure if it was because we had completed some quest part we didnt realize or if it was just because we were on siege territory that we got the xp/sp.
16. Several people have said that you can gain territory badges just from signing up for the siege and keeping your toon in town; others have said that your toon either has to at least be on a siege ground or be in a party with someone who is on a siege ground, in order to collect badges at the end of the siege. This has yet to be confirmed.
17. The NPC's for the territory sieges state that if you change the territory for which you have been fighting, that you will lose your previous rewards. I took this to mean that if you were fighting for giran and then decided next siege to fight for Goddard, that you would lose your Giran territory badges. Several players have confirmed this is not the case; you will keep all of your badges from all territories, even if you switch to fight for a different territory. While items like belts/pouches/pins chests require territory specific badges (i.e. u can only buy in Goddard with Goddard badges or Giran with Giran badges), it is unclear if the noblesse part also requires 100 of a single territory-specific badge or if it can be cummulative between several different territories.
Anyhow, those are the few things I was able to piece together after participating in the territory siege these past few times. Hopefully some guide that is better at explaining and more comprehensive will come out, but to those who dont know anything about it, hopefully this gives an adequate 1st glimpse.