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Freya Quest

Freya Access Quest 1 - Ice Merchant's Commission

This one-time quest is the second in a series of access quests for the Ice Queen raid. It is a prerequisite for this quest that you have done the lvl 53 quest "The Other Side of Truth" from Ice Merchant Rafforty in the center of the Frozen Labyrinth. Then, when you are lvl 82, return to Rafforty. All the following quests start with the Ice Merchant; his cabin is a teleport destination from Schuttgart.

Rafforty still remembers the Piece of Tablet and the Report Piece you recovered from the ice statues and which provided valuable intelligence. If you ask Rafforty what it actually was that was written in the coded report, he will ask you to swear loyalty to the Zinnia Guild, an association of former bodyguards that only very few people know about.

When you swear that you will continue to support and obey the Zinnia Guild, he will tell you that the intelligence you brought back at the time concerned a method to seal up Ice Queen Freya. For that however, a Sacred Sword of Seal is required, the location of which is so far unknown. Rafforty will ask you to visit the frozen Kierre and see whether you can get from there any clue about such a Sacred Sword.

As you will remember from "The Other Side of Truth", you have to take the southern exit from the Ice Merchant Cabin, then turn to the right before the bridge:

Searching the ground around Kierre you will not find a Sacred Sword of Seal, not even any trace of a common sword. While in earlier versions the player had to make a trip to the four Ice Sculptures that everybody will remember from the first quest, now the leader of the Zinnia Guild, in Korean texts simply called "Zinnia", appears after a short time directly near Kierre.

Since Zinnia does not know you, she asks who you are that you are poking around near the frozen Kierre. Tell her that you came at the request of Ice Merchant Rafforty to look for the Sacred Sword of Seal. She will believe you and reward you for your efforts with 190,000 adena, 627,000 exp as well as 50,300 SP. Then Zinnia tells you to return to Rafforty where you can pick up the next quest in the series, "Acquiring the Sacred Sword".


Freya Access Quest 2 - Acquiring the Sacred Sword

This one-time quest, which can be picked up at lvl 82, is the sequel to "The Ice Merchant's Commission". it is the third in a series of access quests for the Ice Queen raid. First talk to Ice Merchant Rafforty again. He will tell you that if you decide to meet Zinnia again, a very dangerous mission will be in store for you. If you are really determined to go assist the Zinnia Guild in their effort, click on "Enter into the Zinnia camp".

This will send you into the secret camp of the Zinnia Guild, a kind of instance where Ms. Zinnia is waiting for you.

When you talk to the leader of the Zinnia Guild, she will tell you the whole story of Princess Melissa and her former bodyguards, the Canna Knights. Zinnia will reveal to you that the Sacred Sword of Seal which is required for sealing up the Ice Queen is in fact a holy relic of the imperial family.

Then Zinnia will tell you what you have to do. Her associate Kegor had gone to the Mithril Mines, deep in the Spine Mountains, to search for the Sacred Sword they needed so urgently to seal up Ice Queen Freya. The preparations for the journey had been noticed by the Ice Queen, who had sent out her underlings to stop him. Departing in a hurry, Kegor had at the time neglected to take an Antidote, which puts him at great risk in an environment like the Mithril Mines. Zinnia asks you to travel to the Mithril Mines and help Kegor.

Then Zinnia will teleport you back to Rafforty. Use a Scroll of Escape to Schuttgart, then onwards via Dwarven Village to the Mithril Mines. At the teleportation arrival point talk either to Kroon at the Western Entrance of the Mines or Tarun at the Northern Entrance.

Kroon (Western Entrance)

Tarun (Northern Entrance)

It does not matter which one you choose. In both cases you will have to kill monsters in the Mithril Mines, so come buffed and bring a Healer. After having talked to Kroon or Tarun, you will have to find Kegor in the the Mithril Mines. This is a very dangerous place you can not enter without an Antidote.

Show Kroon resp. Tarun the Chill Antidote you got from Zinnia and enter the Mithril Mines. Just follow the way downwards, you can't go astray.

Western Entrance

Northern Entrance

Some way in, you will see Kegor standing there, apparently unconscious.

Talk to to the man, feed him the Chill Antidote and wait for his state to improve. At that time five lvl 85 Mine Worms (with Weak P.Atk.) will start coming at you from all sides. (In an earlier version there were two more batches of them to eliminate on the way down). Protect Kegor and kill the Mine Worms.

Then talk to Kegor again. He will reward you with 296,425 adena, 921,805 exp as well as 82,230 SP and tell you that he will meet you later at the camp of the Zinnia Guild.

Now you can return to Rafforty and pick up from him the next quest in the series, "Meeting Sirra".


Freya Access Quest 3 - Meeting Sirra

This one-time quest, which can be picked up at lvl 82, is the sequel to "Acquiring the Sacred Sword"; it is the fourth in a series of access quests for the Ice Queen raid. First return to the Frozen Labyrinth and talk to Rafforty again. The Ice Merchant will tell you that Zinnia and Kegor, who had just returned from the Mithril Mines and has completely recovered his health, are waiting for you in the camp of the Zinnia Guild. Rafforty will teleport you into that instance.

In the camp Zinnia will thank you for the great favor you have done the Guild. But then she will reveal to you that the Zinnia Guild, which has gathered for the fight against Freya, is at the moment in a very difficult situation, barely able to hold their own against the Ice Queen. For more information talk to Kegor.

You will find your old friend from the Mithril Mines right next to Zinnia. First of all he will gratefully express his thanks that you saved his life. After he had obtained the Sacred Sword that could seal Ice Queen Freya he found out that the enormous power of the sword drained the life energy of anybody holding it, which had led to him losing consciousness while he was wandering around in the Mithril Mines. If you want to find out what the Guild plans to do next, talk to Zinnia again.

Zinnia will tell you how the Guild is waiting for an opportunity when the Ice Queen is weak. At such a time it should be possible to seal up her power, so that Melissa's mind is freed and the princess changes back to her original self.

Then, with the words "There is no sound I can not hear. You don't have the sophistication to get the better of me!" Sirra enters the camp of the Zinnia Guild.

Surprisingly, Sirra does not appear in her Ice Fairy form, but in the original shape she had as Princess Melissa's handmaiden. Nevertheless she berates the Zinnia Guild in haughty words that their plan to seal up Ice Queen Freya is preposterous; the former bodyguards simply don't have the abilities to do that. From Sirra's words you can tell that she is feeling a deep hatred for Freya.

Sirra points out that althought it is heartwarming to behold how the Zinnia Guild is trying to restore Princess Melissa to her original shape, they should not forget that the Princess was originally a rather greedy and arrogant person. Then she goes on to tell the frightening story about the birth of the Ice Queen and how Melissa/Freya had dragged all the people around her into misery. Finally Sirra offers to help the Zinnia Guild overcome the Ice Queen.

What Sirra says at that time is totally contrary to the information the Zinnia Guild had so far heard about the Ice Fairy. Everybody is a bit confused. When you ask Zinnia whether this is actually true, she decides after long deliberation that Sirra should be trusted and that it would be necessary to get the old handmaiden's help if their plans are to succeed. Sirra is clearly their enemy, but to overcome the biggest enemy of the Zinnia Guild - Ice Queen Freya - joining hands with Sirra would be the best way.

Eventually everybody is convinced by Zinnia's line of reasoning that the only way to beat Ice Queen Freya will be to join their forces. To prevent the threat of the Ice Queen from spreading even beyond the Frozen Labyrinth, it will be necessary to go to Freya's Garden.

Talk to Freya's Steward at the bridge leading towards the Ice Queen's Castle. He will tell you that he already heard the story from Zinnia and that he will let you into the place.

Freya's Steward will teleport you to a place where Zinnia is waiting for you (in an earlier version Kegor was also there). After your arrival tell Zinnia that you are fully prepared, then she will teleport you into the Ice Queen's Castle, which is at that time a one-person instance. You can not bring your own support.

After you have, with Zinnia's help, entered the Ice Queen's Castle, the instance where later the actual raid will take place, you will have high-level Knights and Mercenaries dispatched by the Zinnia Guild at your side. However, Ice Queen Freya has noticed that the Zinnia Guild is invading her hideout and will come to the attack together with a great number of Ice Knights.

Joining your forces with the members of the Zinnia Guild you will have to face Freya and the Ice Knights. The Ice Knights will take out the Zinnia people in short time. In the ensuing panic, before you even get to dealing with Freya herself, there will be a cut-scene video that ends with a close-up of Ice Queen Freya and a whited-out screen. The Ice Queen is using her special skill, the Eternal Blizzard.

When you "wake up" after some time, you will find yourself back at the Ice Merchant Cabin. Talk to Rafforty, and he will reward you with 283,425 adena, 939,075 exp as well as 83,855 SP. Now you can pick up from him the next quest in the series, "Meeting Sirra Again".

In this quest you do not die in the instance in the sense of an exp loss. The Zinnia people and the Ice Knights are staging a mock fight that you can simply watch and enjoy.


Freya Access Quest 4 - Meeting Sirra Again

This one-time quest, which can be picked up at lvl 82, is the sequel to "Meeting Sirra"; it is the fifth in a series of access quests for the Ice Queen raid. After the last quest you should already be standing in front of Ice Merchant Rafforty. Ask him what happened to you in the Ice Queen's Castle.

Rafforty will tell you that Ice Queen Freya had used her Eternal Blizzard skill on you and that you barely escaped death. He says that Zinnia is waiting for you and teleports you to the secret camp of the Zinnia Guild.

When you talk to Zinnia, she will tell you that you either took your task not serious enough or the Guild's combat power was somehow not sufficient. They should take up Ice Fairy Sirra on her suggestion and ask her for help again. A moment later Sirra appears.

After berating you for a bit, Sirra offers again to join hands and gives you 5 Black Ice Kernels which can prevent Ice Queen Freya from using her Eternal Blizzard skill. Those items can neither be exchanged nor dropped on the ground.

Zinnia thinks that with the Black Ice Kernels you obtained from Sirra you should be well and fully prepared. She says that she will meet you at the Ice Queen's Castle. Then you will be teleported back to the Ice Merchant Cabin.

From now on the raid starts. Get together between 11 and 27 people who have all done the previous quests, including The Other Side of Truth. Make your way to the northern part of the Frozen Labyrinth, talk to Freya's Steward and have him teleport you to the entrance of the Ice Queen's Castle. There Zinnia will be waiting for you. Form a Command Channel and have the Command Channel Leader talk to Zinnia. You can now choose between Normal Freya and Extreme Fight Freya. First there will be a video.

Then you can start dealing with Freya and her minions. You will find a walkthrough for the raid itself here:

After some time Zinnia and Kegor will make an appearance and help you.

With a team of well equipped and experienced raiders you might succeed in bringing down Ice Queen Freya after a long fight.

However, in the very moment when Zinnia and Kegor want to seal up Freya's power, Sirra, who had first joined hands with you to overcome the Ice Queen, will betray you, absorbing Freya's power and becoming an Ice Queen herself. After Sirra has vanished, talk to Zinnia again. She will thank you for your help and all the trouble you went through. Then Zinnia will reward you with 2,152,200 exp and 181,070 SP. Of course you also get to keep any drops from the raid.

If you want to, you can now return to the Ice Merchant Cabin and pick up from Rafforty the final quest in the series, "The Story of Those Left Behind".
Even if you do not want to do the last quest, you can from now on raid the Ice Queen as often as you want, in whichever form you want - Normal or Extreme Fight Mode. You will get one additional Black Ice Kernel from Zinnia before she teleports you into Freya's throne room. In earlier versions you needed 5 (what would be now 4) quest items from the access quests to be able to do the raid. Those quest items are now not mentioned any more. It seems the system remembers by itself whether you have done the quests or not.
The Ice Queen instance resets, no matter which mode you have done, every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 in the morning real time.


Freya Access Quest 5 - Story of Those Left Behind

This one-time quest, which can be picked up at lvl 82, is the sequel to "Meeting Sirra Again"; it is the last in a series of lore quests about Ice Queen Freya. It is a prerequisite for this quest that you have successfully killed the Ice Queen at least once, no matter whether in Normal Mode or in Extreme Fight Mode.

After your victory, first talk to Ice Merchant Rafforty at the Frozen Labyrinth. He will say that Zinnia is waiting for you because she has something to tell you. If you answer that you would like to meet her, Rafforty will teleport you into the secret camp of the Zinnia Guild.

When you talk to Zinnia, she will tell you that she would have never thought that Sirra would become Freya. However, thanks to the Black Ice Kernels they had obtained from Sirra, they are ready to resume the fight at any time. In terms of game mechanics this means that Zinnia will give you one additional Black Ice Kernel whenever you attempt the raid again, at the time when you talk to her to choose the Normal or Extreme Fight Mode.
Then Zinnia asks you to speak with Kegor, who is standing right next to her.

Kegor will tell you full of grief how Sirra in her desire for power could not escape the yoke of destiny forged by her greed. The Canna Knight is expressing his worry that while from Melissa you could still expect a little humanity, this new Ice Queen will be colder and harder than ever. Meanwhile he is thanking you for the great help you have extended to the Zinnia Guild and tells you to talk to Zinnia before you go.
When you do that, Zinnia will tell you that they have prepared a little something to express their sincere thanks. You should talk to Ice Merchant Rafforty to receive your reward. Then you will be teleported back to the Ice Merchant Cabin.

Talk to Rafforty, who will also express his thanks. He has prepared six Forgotten Scrolls, and you are to choose the one among them that will be of the most help to you.

Here the Forgotten Scrolls Rafforty has on offer:
- Protection of Rune (lvl 82)
- Protection of Elemental (lvl 82)
- Protection of Alignment (lvl 82)
- Fighter's Will (lvl 81)
- Archer's Will (lvl 81)
- Magician's Will (lvl 81)